Launch of DesignerMaker

Launch of DesignerMaker

August 8, 2015 | Furniture Design | No Comments

The featured items currently on the website are some of my very first designed and made furniture.

Originally starting out making objects for our own home and also marvelling at the skill and versatility of some of the components created for me by friends, I realised that being able to work with a number of different materials meant that I could create things with variation and interest.

These are the features that I try to incorporate into my new ideas.

The style of this first range of original pieces is simple but distinctive and unique. These are not items that you can walk into any commercial store and purchase, and that is what I think will appeal most to people who have been lead here.

Looking ahead, I want to incorporate more colour into my ideas. Black and timber will always be a classic look, but some colour here and there lifts interest and will create a point of difference.

Stay tuned. timber-strand-steel-close-ups-18

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