A good craftsman never blames…

A good craftsman never blames…

August 8, 2015 | Furniture Design | No Comments

A good craftsman never blames their tools.*


*Provided that they know what the right tools are, and that they have access to and know how to use them.

You learn a lot by trying something for the first time. The first dining table I made is a beast. I estimate it’s about 150kg of rough sawn, twisted, warped, and cupped hardwood, bought from a recycled timber yard in Heathcote. I thought that I could tame this timber into a beautiful table top with interesting features from it’s past life as rafters in an old shed. And while I did my best with the tools that I had at the time, it’s not easy to perfectly align each board with the next with a hand-sander and a hand-held electric plane…

What I’ve learnt since then, and it’s true of any practical application, is that having the right tool for the job makes that job a million times easier and with greatly improved outcomes.

Yet my wife loves the table and refuses to let me run the timber through some machinery that will boost the appearance and function of the table, because she likes the rawness of the table top and the story that it tells of how it was made at that time.

So while I would never sell a table like my own to a customer, it’s important sometimes to leave in some character and show how something was made rather than just that it has been made.

The story of how something was made is often just as interesting as the piece itself.

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