The influence of music

August 8, 2015 | Music | No Comments

I’ve always been into music, first through my Mum, Dad and sister, and then I took it further when one day as a kid we cleaned out our garage and came across Dad’s old guitar from the 70’s.

He hadn’t played it in decades and the thing had just been sitting there. It turns out it was quite a prestigious guitar – a 1970’s fully original American-made Fender Stratocaster, the same model as Jimi Hendrix played in the 60’s. So not a bad first guitar to learn on…

That guitar lives at my parents home and I have since bought my own which I’ve included a few shots of in this post. But from that day on, music has been a part of my life.




From learning and playing the songs of my favourite bands, I realised that I could take a small idea gained through the playing of their songs and develop it in to something completely different which was my own. And there you have songwriting.

I found so many ideas in other people’s songs that I rarely ever learnt their entire song, because I’d go off on a tangent and always be making something new up. I joke that I know how to play most songs by my favourite bands, but only about 4 bars.

And therein lies my approach towards most new ideas that I come up with. There’s so many great furniture designs out there to inspire new ideas, but I always look to take things in a different direction to come up with something new. As Eric Clapton said about songwriting “steal, steal, steal”. My interpretation of that is that he wasn’t saying to blatantly rip-off others, just that a lot of new creation is inspired by old ideas and ways of doing things. Just as Eric Clapton borrowed from Robert Johnson and added his own touch, I try to do the same.

The music culture that I’m familiar with as a Melbourne musician is also going to inspire the direction I’d like to take with the photography and presentation of my furniture. We like to hang out and listen to and play music, and generally have a good time.

Just as the music and conversation is inspiring, so the furniture and it’s presentation should be too.